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Anri Nicoll

Senior Physiotherapist

Anri is currently on maternity leave

With a strong passion for optimising functional movement to assist in injury prevention and rehabilitation, Anri’s journey began through nurturing her own injuries as a young gymnast and National swimmer.

She has a background in the fitness industry and completed her Bachelor of Human Movement and Exercise Science, prior to graduating with a Masters of Physiotherapy at Flinders University in 2013.
South African born, she lived in Saudi Arabia before immigrating to Australia and has recently returned from a five-year stint working as a physiotherapist in the UK where she worked in a distinguished Applied Functional Science and Movement clinic.
Anri’s systematic approach to assessing dysfunctional movement, not only helps to identify the underlying problem, but also provides a clear plan for restoring and optimising movement to assist in the prevention of further injury. With a strong belief that knowledge empowers us, she combines education with hands-on therapy and exercise prescription to help achieve your physiotherapy goals.
Anri has a special interest in pre and post-natal physiotherapy, and as a recent mum, has a personal understanding of the demands posed during and after the pregnancy. She is also passionate about treating shoulder injuries, knees and hips, and neck and back-related pain.
Outside the clinic, Anri enjoys spending time with her family, usually outdoors on the beach or hiking in the hills.

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