Many injuries we see in the clinic are partly due to people not moving enough on a regular basis.

Perhaps they are sitting for long hours at work or in the car, being to busy to fit in any exercise, it’s so common for us to be a bit less active than we should.

Here’s a 2 minute stretch routine, to help stretch some key muscle groups, and wake up your body.

We want you to live your best life possible, because life’s too short to feel average.

If you’ve had a sore or achey part of your body that’s been there for more than a few days, it might be time to book in and see one of our Physiotherapists. ,You can Book Online Here


WARNING: Please seek professional advice before commencing an exercise program, or if you’ve got a current or recent injury.

What should I do next?

If you’ve got a sore back, sore knees, or something else that’s aching and has lasted over 48 hours, it’s time to get some professional help.

Book online to see one of our Physiotherapists by ,clicking here

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