Back pain is one of the very common concerns we see in the clinic, and there’s so many simple changes you can make, to ease your pain starting TODAY.

1) Do small amounts, often

Throughout your day, make sure you do each activity for a short time only. Do a little bit of walking, sitting and lying, and keep changing positions every 5-10 minutes. If you’re really sore, keep this time to 5 minutes or less. It will stop you getting even more stiff and sore, and keep pain levels down.

2) Check your posture

Sitting – Is your bottom right back in the seat? Are you sitting up straight in a good, supportive chair?

**Remember rule 1: Do small amounts, often – try to sit for maximum 5 minutes at a time


Standing – Stand up as tall as you can, with your tail bone gently tucking under, which will help your abdominal muscles to support your back

See this video for a quick demonstration of this position


3) Stretch your gluteals (muscles around your bottom)

This can be done sitting on a chair, or lying down on your back will give you more support for a very irritable back.

4) Improve your core strength

Doing this takes time, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right? Just a few minutes each day can make a big difference. It’s really important you get the technique right, so book in with one of our physiotherapists for guidance. Doing these exercises should NOT increase your pain.

See this video for a demonstration of basic exercises you could try. This video was made for mums that’ve just had a baby, but the basics are the same for back pain.

Engage your lower abdominals, and keep your lower back stable throughout all the exercises.


Back pain can be very painful, and really make it hard to get through basic day to day activities. Try to stay positive, and make sure you seek professional help by talking to your doctor, or booking in to see one of our physiotherapists.

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