Do you get back pain or headaches?

  • Or are you more worried about how bad posture looks in photos of yourself?

Every single week a client says, ‘I don’t think my posture is very good’, but they have no idea that they CAN improve it. It CAN be simple!!

This blog will show you a couple of really simple exercises to start improving your posture right now. Your posture is a habit, and habits can take a while to change, but don’t give up, because making this change could lead to a lifetime of feeling better.

The hardest part in changing a habit: CONSISTENCY

These videos were made as part of some other projects, but the information and exercises are exactly what you need to improve your posture.

Video 1

What is good posture??

  1. Stand tall, like a string is pulling the top of your head towards the ceiling
  2. Tuck your bottom under, and gently pull in your lower tummy
  3. Relax your shoulders, and keep your chest open

This gives you good posture, but how long can you hold it?

Like anything, the more you practice, the easier it gets, so give yourself the challenge to practice this 3-5 times per day. After a while, you’ll be holding good posture and not even realising!


Video 2

Build your core strength

To help you hold the great posture you’ve now found, we need to build your strength from the inside. Your abdominal muscles will help hold you up nice and straight, so let’s give them a helping hand too.

This video shows some great variations on simple abdominal exercises. Start at the first movement, and if that feels easy, keep progressing until you find it harder.

Make sure:

  • Your low abdominals and pelvic floor are gently engaged
  • You should not feel any back pain
  • Your shoulders must stay relaxed, and you MUST be able to BREATHE


In summary:

– Practice good posture, and your posture will get better

– Build up your core strength, to help you hold better posture for longer

If you have any difficulty with these exercises, or aren’t quite sure if you’re doing them right, please BOOK IN to see one of our physiotherapists, so we can make sure you’re doing everything you need for your individual situation.