You’ve sprained your ankle, hurt your back, or pulled a hamstring, and you’ve done the right thing and booked in to see a physio. It’s going to take at least a few weeks to sort this out, and suddenly a few weeks seems like a REALLY LONG TIME when you can’t even walk properly.

ARGH the frustration!!

The physical part of an injury is only one side of the ‘journey’ you’ll go on, but there are a few things that might make life a little easier, so here’s my top tips to “surviving” an injury without going CRAY-CRAY!!


Injuries suck, and yes it’s horrible to be achey, sore and irritable. It’s horrible to try something “normal” like grocery shopping, and you CAN’T DO IT! Plus it makes you more achey, sore and IRRITABLE!

Accept that you need to live a ‘different’ life for the first few weeks of an injury.

Change your plans, so you can still realistically achieve what you plan in your day, and just take it easy for a little while.

Focus on the positives

Has your leg been amputated? Has your house been destroyed? Did your dog run away?

It can be hard to flip your thinking, but perspective and mindset are VERY powerful in helping you recover.

Focus on what you DO have.

Your body is an amazing machine, and just needs some time and the right support to heal.

Keep moving!

No matter what your injury is, the rest of your body still needs to move. If you collapse in a heap on the couch, your recovery will take longer, and your body will need more help to get your fitness back. Be realistic about what you can do, but:

Anything is better than nothing!

Consider swimming, cycling, yoga, pilates, body weight exercises or just plain old stretching. If you’re not sure, we can help you figure out what to do, just book online here

Be sneaky and smart

With all the amazing technology around us, make the most of it through online grocery shopping, hire a cleaner short term, or explore the world of online cat videos, to keep your spirits up and recovery time moving along.

Catch up on……

Life is always busy, so embrace the opportunity to catch up on some things you’ve been meaning to get to, or try something new. Here’s some great suggestions:

  • Goal setting for the next 12 months – what would you like to work towards?
  • Planning your next holiday
  • Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Learn something new: a language, a craft, that crazy Sudoku thing

Embrace your physios knowledge and support

Physiotherapists live and breathe peoples injuries every single day. Some more severe than others, but everyone experiences the fear and frustration to some extent.

When you’re stuck, frustrated or just plain down in the dumps and can’t see how this will ever get better, we are your best resource to explain:

  • What to expect
  • How soon you can expect it

And to share in your frustration when it all gets too much. Your family and friends might not realise how tough it is to be restricted, and in pain, so they may not know how to help you through it. Asking for help is a simple way to help them recognise where you might be struggling.

If you’re struggling to see improvements in your injury, book in to see us so we can make sure you’re on track, and have everything you need for your best possible recovery. You can book online here