Do you coach a sport with high risk of knee injuries? Aussie rules, soccer and netball are some of our highest risk sports, particularly for ACL injuries.

With winter sports starting pre season and coaches planning their season’s training, now is an ideal time to highlight some key injury prevention programs and resources developed by Australia sporting groups to prevent knee injury:



FIFA 11+ & FIFA 11+ Kids (Soccer)



KNEE Program (Netball)

These are easily available online and feature sport related strengthening exercises and agility training which can be implemented at trainings and in your team’s warm up.

As an example, looking at the incidence of ACL injury, unfortunately Australia has one of the highest ACL injury rates in the world. Recent studies have suggested that 50- 80% of ACL injuries in football, netball and basketball are caused by no or indirect contact, these mechanisms of injury include deceleration or change of direction movements, side stepping or landing on one leg.

It is important that coaches address these mechanisms of injury during trainings and condition their players to complete these movements and positions appropriately. These programs provide sports specific training and conditioning drills that can be easily implemented by coaches during weekly trainings and during pre-game warm ups.

Studies have suggested that teams who have implemented drills from these types of programs in their weekly training routine have reduced their team injury rates.

These are valuable resources for community coaches and I hope they can assist in your training programs this season.

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