Exercise Class for Retirees


At Aspire Physiotherapy

Our Exercise Class for retirees is designed to keep your older loved one feeling strong and confident on their feet for a healthy and active retirement.

Move and Groove – Strength and Balance Exercise Class for Retirees

For the older clients in our local community, our Move and Groove Classes have been flourishing in Glenelg for over 8 years. With a Physiotherapist instructing the class, the exercises are varied each week to keep challenging all participants, and can be adjusted to suit each persons individual needs and limitations.

Our goal

Our goal is to encourage our older clients to safely participate in formal exercise, while enjoying the social opportunities to make some new friends, so they can maintain independence at home, and confidently venture out into the community safely  

At Aspire Physiotherapy, we know it can be difficult to stay active as various medical conditions and mobility issues lead to limitations. 

Our physiotherapists help support each client in meeting their goals for improving mobility, preventing injury and improving pain.

Where are the classes?

Our classes are run onsite at our clinic in Glenelg, are small in size, and designed to benefit the individual needs of each person attending.

Move & Groove Class

This class is for over 60 year olds seeking a safe, supervised class to improve strength and balance, in a fun and social environment. To provide each client with the best support, we’ll ask them to attend a 1:1 Pre-Class Appointment so that we understand the individual health challenges, individual goals, and any relevant medical history.


Gentle Move & Groove (45 mins) is well suited to those with mobility challenges, or who need a little more assistance in class. With a maximum of 6 people, your Physio can closely support you through the class


Open Move & Groove (60 mins) is suitable for those that are looking for a little extra challenge in their balance exercises, and enjoy the slightly faster pace of class. With a maximum of 8 people, our Open Move & Groove Class is a great progression from the Gentle Class.


Move & Groove Classes are held in our Glenelg clinic:

  • Tuesday 9.45am Gentle Move & Groove
  • Thursday 10.30am Open Move & Groove
  • Thursday 9.45am Gentle Move & Groove
  • Thursday 10.30am Open Move & Groove 

How much does a class cost?


$160 for a 10 class pass, or $18.50 for a single class

Health Insurance Rebates may apply under Physiotherapy Cover

DVA clients or those with funding through a package also welcome.

Call us to discuss if this class is suitable for your loved one, or you can book online using the button below