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Exercise for Osteoarthritis in Adelaide

  • Do you have hip or knee osteoarthritis?

  • Are you preparing for a hip or knee replacement surgery?

  • Would you prefer to try and avoid surgery? Or at least delay it?

  • Are you interested in how specific exercise can be an effective treatment for osteoarthritis?


If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

What is the best treatment for hip or knee Osteoarthritis?

Current and robust research shows the best first line treatments for Osteoarthritis are:

  • Education
  • Exercise
  • Weight control

You’ll notice that pain relief medication is NOT listed in these recommended first line treatments. Pain relief medication can be useful, but is not considered one of the top three treatment options.

In addition, pain relief, passive treatments like massage, and surgery are recommended as second and third options for treatment. These should be used IN ADDITION to first line treatments.

In other words, for many people with osteoarthritis, we’re often skipping the most simple, well-researched options of exercise and education! 

For exercise to be an effective treatment for Osteoarthritis, it must be:

  • The right type of exercise
  • Delivered at the right dose
  • With the right intensity

Can’t I just exercise on my own?

To achieve the correct type, dose and intensity, the structured and supervised format in the GLA:D Program is essential.

Introducing The GLA:D Program!

The GLA:D Program is specifically designed to address these details, and above all it is individualised to suit you.

It can also be easy to flare up pain from Osteoarthritis. Therefore your Physiotherapist will adjust the exercises to make sure you’re able to complete them successfully.

Above all the program is simple to follow, under close guidance by your Physiotherapist. In addition, you also have the accountability of actually attending and completing the exercises correctly. Simple!

The GLA:D exercises can be applied to everyday activities. As a result participants develop skills to self-manage their osteoarthritis after the program.

In conclusion, by strengthening and improving confidence with exercise, you will develop better capacity to become or stay active. In addition you can prevent symptom progression and reduce pain.


What is the GLA:D Program?

The GLA:D® Program is an education and exercise program. It is delivered by Physiotherapists specially trained in delivering the GLA:D program. The program is designed to improve hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms, and improve your quality of life.

What are the benefits of the GLA:D Program?

Research from the GLA:D® program in Australia shows:

      • An average pain reduction of 36%
      • Reduced analgesic consumption
      • Reduction in perceived need for surgery, and
      • Clinically meaningful improvement in joint confidence

Why should I do the GLA:D Program?

We strongly recommend completing the GLA:D program for many reasons. It’s structured, progressive, individual and adjustable, so it suits exactly what you need, and can be adjusted as symptoms require.

The clear structure makes it easy to follow and complete, and we help you complete the full program, to gain the full benefit.

But what if…??

Will I still need a joint replacement if I do the GLA:D Program?

This depends on each persons individual situation. Above all there are no guarantees on your individual progress during the GLA:D Program. The good news is that in many cases after completing the GLA:D Program, participants found they can happily delay, or even cancel their joint replacement surgery.

Why not try the program and find out!

Will the GLA:D Program impact on my joint replacement surgery?

The good news is that if you complete the GLA:D Program you will be BETTER PREPARED for future surgery. After that, you will be stronger and fitter at the end of the GLA:D Program. In other words, if you choose to go ahead with surgery, it’ll help you recover faster afterwards. 

How much does the GLA:D Program cost?

When you compare the GLA:D Program to the cost of surgery, it really is excellent value! In addition, Health Insurance Rebates may also be claimed for each session, further reducing the out of pocket cost.

The total program costs $624 for the 6 week program (12 classes a week plus an education session). It can be paid in full up front. Similarly it can be paid in 3 instalments of $208 over the program.

When are the GLA:D Classes at Aspire?

We offer a wide range of GLA:D Class times to cater for almost everyone. Our current Class times are:

  • Monday 1pm, 4.15pm, 5.15pm
  • Tuesday 12.45pm
  • Wednesday 1pm
  • Thursday 12pm
  • Friday 1pm
  • Saturday 7.45am, 11am

Ok, I’m ready to see if I’m well suited to the GLA:D Program

Great! Book your Pre-Glad Class Appointment by clicking the button below

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GLAD Program FAQ’s

Does the GLAD Program work?

We are fortunate to have extensive research into the GLAD program. As a result the robust research shows that participants experience

  • A reduction in joint pain
  • Reduced need for pain relief medication and
  • Improved quality of life

Therefore YES, the GLAD Program can be extremely helpful in delaying and avoiding joint replacement surgery. It also shows great success in reducing pain and improving quality of life.

How much does the GLAD Program cost?

You will start with a GLA:D Initial Consult, and if recommended to the program, the 6 week program costs $624 (correct at April 2023) with health insurance rebates claimable.

Can I use health insurance for the GLAD Program?

Yes, if you have Physiotherapy cover. You will likely be able to claim Health Insurance Rebates using the code T560. Please check with your individual health fund as all policies are different.


How long is the GLA:D Program?

We recommend completing 12 exercise sessions over 6 weeks for the best results. When this is not possible, you can make up sessions over the following weeks.

You can also attend 1 exercise session per week, which would then take 12 weeks to complete the program.

In addition we offer ‘maintenance’ GLAD sessions, so you can continue to attend the exercise sessions after you complete the program. Above all many people find this is helpful to continue to maintain the strength you’ve gained during the program.


What does GLA:D stand for?

‘Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark’

Can Physio help with Osteoarthritis?

Yes, Physio can help with Osteoarthritis. Above all we can assess your current function, and design an appropriate exercise program to optimise your strength, and minimise your discomfort.

In other words the GLA:D Program is specifically researched in relation to hip and knee osteoarthritis. As a result, it’s a great tailor-made program if you have hip or knee osteoarthritis.

Therefore if you have arthritis in other parts of your body, your Physio can create an individual program to help you improve your symptoms and quality of life.

GLA:D Program Adelaide