The answer…..hip flexor pain!

This very common hip condition strikes regardless of age (or how much hockey you play!), and the main cause is something we all do a lot of every single day.


We sit on the way to school or work, we sit at school or work, many of us sit to eat lunch, and then we’re so tired by the end of the day, we relax by sitting on the couch to watch our favourite reality tv shows (bring back Masterchef please!)

So what causes this hip pain?

Your bodies adapt to whatever you do often. When you sit a lot, your hip flexors spend a lot of time in a shortened position, and they gradually become shorter as a result of this. When you stand up, your hip flexors get stretched out, and if they are very tight, this position will feel uncomfortable, or even painful. As time goes on, this process continues until you are so tight that normal day to day movements feel painful, and can even cause a strain or small tear in your hip flexors.

What else can go wrong when my hip flexors are tight?

You might also develop low back pain from your pelvis being tilted forwards, plus be at increased risk of hamstring strains and other muscular tightness.

How do I get happy hip flexors?

Stretch, stretch and stretch more!! If your hip flexors have become tight, you need to spend 4 minutes stretching each muscle everyday to regain some flexibility. It’s important to also correct any change in your posture that’s developed while you’ve been tight. Once of the most powerful things you can do is reduce the amount you’re sitting in the day.


  • Regular breaks every 30 minutes to stand up, stretch and walk around – see the hip flexor stretch above
  • Kneel on the ground instead of sitting, so your hip flexors are not as ‘shortened’
  • Stand up if possible instead of sitting when working/studying
  • Spend 5 minutes stretching every day, to maintain flexibility in your calves, hamstrings, hip flexors and back
  • Seek treatment and advice from the friendly physios at Aspire, so we can get you back to 100% faster!

If you have hip pain, try the suggestions above for a few days, then if you’re still having trouble, come in to see Alex or Sally at Aspire Physio in Glenelg.

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