How to avoid the most common netball injury

Did you know??

  • There are 1.2 million netball players around Australia, with the majority aged 16-22 years old.
  • Traditionally ankle injuries have previously been the biggest problem in netball. Recently knee injuries have actually become a more common injury, with the vast majority being ACL injuries.
  • Females are 4-6x more likely to sustain an ACL injury compared to males.
  • Injury risk actually INCREASES when you wear new shoes, so take a few trainings to break them in before your next game

Have you heard of the Netball Knee Program?

The Netball Knee Program has been developed to improve the strength and control of young netballers. This is particularly focussed on the actions of landing and changing direction. These movements are highly linked with knee and ankle injuries, and the Netball Knee Program aims to reduce injury rates.

Our team of Physios at Aspire are trained in the Netball Knee Program, so we can assist your club in implementing this program for your players.

How to avoid the most common netball injury

Knee and ankle injury prevention in netball

To safeguard yourself against injury, focus on practicing how to LAND and CHANGE DIRECTION. These are common times when injury strikes. Here are some key points from the Netball Knee Program, to help you move more safely when playing netball


  • Feet facing forwards
  • Hips and knees bent
  • Knees in line with feet
  • Trunk stable

Change of direction

  • Outside leg as the break, inside leg as the accelerator
  • Small steps
  • Trunk stable

The key program that the Australian Netball Diamonds use to prevent injuries includes:

  • Warm up
  • Strength
  • Balance/landing
  • Agility

Our physios can write a program for you as an individual player, or for your whole team, to keep everyone stronger and safer throughout this netball season. To find out more you can book in to discuss this with one of our sports physios