What stretches should I do after I run??

Well here’s your answer.

Stretching after running is your way to say thankyou to your legs for carrying you that far! Yes, they really will appreciate that little bit of stretching.

As you run, every step you take requires lots of muscles to contract and relax to create your running action. When muscles contract to create movement, they shorten. Then when that muscle relaxes again, it lengthens back to it’s resting position. When a muscle is used repeatedly, for long periods, some muscle fibres can become ‘stuck’ in this shortened position, and can’t relax back to their usual resting position. This creates areas of ‘tightness’ within the muscle.

Think about how your shoulders feel after a long day on the computer. Your neck and shoulder muscles are working (‘contracting’) for long periods of time, and can become sore and tense.

You may notice after a run, or after a long day at the computer that your muscles feels sore, tense, or might develop small lumps within it, which we call trigger points. These trigger points are sections of the muscle that have contracted (shortened), but are having trouble relaxing again. Regular stretching can help these muscle to relax.

Does this give you more motivation to stretch now?? Your muscles will thank you for it!

What to stretch after a run?

Here’s the most important 7 stretches to do after a run:



Gastrocnemius (calf)

Soleus (another calf muscle)

Hip flexor


Lower back

In addition to stretching after a run, if it’s been a particularly hard run, I’ll do a few extra things to help my recovery, including:

– Wear compression tights for the next 12-24 hours

– Foam roll my glutes, quads and calves to reduce soreness and assist recovery

– Repeat these stretches a few hours after the run

– Focus on extra water and some good food to refuel the body

What to stretch after a run?

If there’s something niggling after your run, or a tightness you just can’t get past, it might be time to seek a Physiotherapy review. We can help you understand what’s causing your issue, and how to get past it quickly and effectively. You can book online here:

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