What stretches should I do after I run??

Well here’s your answer.

Watch this video to see my usual cool down routine. Hold each position for 30 seconds per side, and pay attention to where you feel the tightest. It might be worth repeating a couple of these stretches for the muscles that feel tightest.


If it’s been a particularly hard run, I’ll do a few extra things to help my recovery, including:

– Wear compression tights for the next 12-24 hours

– Foam roll my glutes, quads and calves to reduce soreness and assist recovery

– Repeat these stretches a few hours after the run

– Focus on extra water and some good food to refuel the body

If there’s something niggling, or a tightness you just can’t get past, it might be time to seek a Physiotherapy review, so we can help you understand what’s causing your issue, and how to get past it quickly and effectively. You can book online here:

Aspire Physiotherapy

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Ph: 8376 8816

Here’s the 7 stretches in picture format too, if video isn’t your thing.



Gastrocnemius (calf)

Soleus (another calf muscle)

Hip flexor


Lower back