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Mums and Bubs Pilates based Classes Glenelg.

From 6 weeks post partum, join our Mums & Bubs Mat Classes so we can help your body recover and safely return to exercise.

Mums & Bubs Mat Class

After baby is born, you might feel lost about how to return to exercise. This is very common, but we’re here to help. We can guide you through the process, providing the right exercises for you at the right time through your recovery.

Our classes are Mat Pilates-based classes, focusing on the basics of core and pelvic floor strengthening, before progressing to more challenging core and posture oriented exercises.

If you have abdominal separation, pelvic floor weakness, or multiple aches and pain from caring for your baby, our Mums and Bubs Classes can be adapted to give you exactly what you need. 

Join our classes from 6 weeks post partum, up to 14 months post partum. Babies tend to join mum playing on the floor, or sleeping nearby in a pram.


When do you have Mums and Bubs classes?

Jump over to our ‘Classes’ page to find the current timetable

My body hurts. Should I join the Mums and Bubs Classes?

In most cases, commencing these classes will assist your body to feel better, as the gentle movement will help to stretch out so many of those sore spots.

During your Pre-Class Consult (required before joining classes), your Physio will assess you, and discuss any concerns you have. They will provide you with a plan to help you navigate your situation, as well as exercises you can do at home too.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel up to classes yet, you can book in for a Physio Initial Consult, or Physio Massage, to help ease those aches and pains. 

What do I do if my baby cries?

You’re welcome stop whenever you need during the class to care for your baby. Where possible, we can help by rocking a pram, or giving a gentle bounce in the baby bouncers we provide. We don’t mind crying babies at all, and we’ll do what we can to help keep them settled and happy.

What if the class coincides with my babies sleep time?

Bring your pram, or whatever your baby needs for sleep, and many babies sleep through class. If your baby would rather not sleep during class, you might like to switch class times to work around babies sleeps.

Do you have a change table?

Yes we’ve got a change table, located in the middle toilet just next to the Pilates studio. You can pop out of class anytime for a quick nappy change.

Can I use Health Insurance for these classes?

Yes, as all our classes are instructed by Physiotherapists, and tailored to your specific needs, our classes are eligible for Health Insurance rebates if you have physio cover. Please contact your health fund for the specific rebate you can access. We use code 561 for our Mums and Bubs classes

What should I bring to class?

Please bring a large towel to lay over your mat (mat is provided), water, socks, some toys and a blanket for your baby to lie on. You’re welcome to bring your pram in if needed too. We provide the mat and all equipment for the class. We also have 2 baby bouncers available for use.


To provide you with the best support, we’ll ask you to attend a 1:1 Pre-Class Assessment so that we understand you, your goals, and any relevant medical history.

$260 for a 10 class pass, or $160 for a 5 class pass. Your Pre-Class Assessment and all classes are eligible for Health Insurance Rebates if you have Physio cover.

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Post partum pilates classes near me

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Mums and bubs pilates Adelaide

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Mums and bubs pilates near me

Mums and bubs pilates classes near me

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Post natal pilates Adelaide

Post natal pilates Glenelg

Post natal pilates Brighton

Post natal pilates West Beach

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