3 tips to avoid neck pain at work 



Do you get up at the end of the day and feel like your neck and shoulders are stiff and tight?



You might get headaches after a long day…


Maybe your neck was sore before your day even started…




Our bodies are designed to move, and unfortunately we get stuck in some bad habits. We are designed to be walking, bending, reaching and lifting instead.



We were never designed to sit for as long as many of us do. As I find myself spending longer and longer at my computer, I really feel your pain!




neck pain at work



Here’s my 3 tips to avoid neck pain at work




How to avoid neck pain – Tip 1

Take regular breaks




This is what we keep getting told, but that’s because it’s TRUE!! It’s easy to get caught up in a task, so find a way to break up your day. Stand up and walk around for 2 minutes out of every 30 minutes of sitting time. This will make you more productive, more energised and your spine will love you!




Here’s some sneaky tips to achieve this:



  1. Drink lots of water, so the call of nature will naturally get you up and away from your desk regularly, plus water is also good for you – WIN WIN!
  2. Set an alarm on your phone for every 30 mins, and put your phone where you can’t reach it – annoying but effective
  3. If you really can’t tear yourself away, there’s programs available that actually locks you out of your computer for a set period of time at regular intervals. Again, annoying but effective!




How to avoid neck pain – Tip 2:

Stay active outside your work time



The more you move when you’re not at work, the better your body will cope with long periods in front of the computer. A word of warning – no amount of exercise/movement/activity will balance out 4-8 hours of sitting in a row.




How to avoid neck pain – Tip 3:

Physio Exercises for your neck and back



Here’s where we can help. A significant portion of our clientele comes in regularly for treatment to “undo” the tightness and stiffness that develops from sitting for too long. In the better cases, they’re just stiff and tight in their neck and shoulders. Unfortunately many people don’t seek help until they progress to the next level, where things like headaches, elbow pain and pins and needles start to appear. The general rule in physio is:



“The longer it’s been a problem, the longer it’ll take to get better”



The stiffness and tightness in your neck and shoulders is your body crying out for help. If you ignore it for long enough, your body will protest louder (with more PAIN) until you start to listen.



Our Physiotherapists can assess your neck, and give you specific advice and exercises to help. There may be a weakness that you don’t even know about. Book in to see one of our physiotherapists by clicking here.



Give your body the valuable movement it needs to avoid neck pain at work