Christmas is fast approaching! It is usually the time to enjoy the finer things like a few glasses of wine and plates full of family favourites. It is also a time when the exercise routine may go a little astray.

I have put together 6 tips to stay to keep fit over the festive season.

1. Take a walk with the family after a meal. Great way to see a town if you have travelled to visit relatives. It is also great for digestion!

2. Get involved with the kid’s in the backyard. Join in on the cricket match, footy game or table tennis tournament. (And when I say join in, I don’t mean as the adjudicator or umpire – get in and have a go on a team) A bit of healthy family competition never hurt anyone…. right?!

3. Stay hydrated- with H20! When you are out of your normal routine it is easy to forget about drinking water. Particularly when your water bottle isn’t next to you on your desk. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Remember alcohol will dehydrate your body. So if you are planning on having a few glasses, make sure you have a glass of water between each one.

4. Walk around your neighbourhood to see the Christmas lights. It’s not just a spectacle for the kids. Some house displays are pretty impressive! Enjoy a walk on a gorgeous summer night to see your neighbours displays. It is a great way to share in the festive fun and add a few more steps to your day.

5. Get enough sleep. While the it is the silly season and prime time for Christmas parties and catching up with friends and family. Try to get at least 7-9 hours sleep a night. While the occasional late night won’t do too much damage, the back-to-back effects of sleepless nights can lead to hormone imbalances, altered metabolism and weight gain.

6. Pace yourself. Christmas in my family is the time of year where the whole family pitches in and cooks all of our favourite treats. And lets be honest, these family favourites have a lot of calories! Portion size is important when it comes to tackling a Christmas Day spread. Choose a smaller plate and try to portion control your serves to limit over eating.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable lead up to Christmas and the New Year. Cheers!

If you run into trouble over the festive season, we are OPEN right up to Sat 22nd December, and we will also be OPEN between Christmas and New Years. Please check our ,Online Booking System to see exactly what times and days we have available.

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