Vestibular Physio for Vertigo


Vestibular Physio for Vertigo

About Vestibular Physio for Vertigo

The symptoms of vertigo can be debilitating. If you have the following symptoms:

  • you feel like the room is spinning
  • you are experiencing nausea
  • dizziness is impacting your life
  • it’s difficult completing even basic tasks

You may have the symptoms of a dysfunction of your balance/vestibular system.

The vast majority of vertigo ends up going untreated. Largely this is because many people don’t know that it can be treated!

Physio Treatment for vertigo can be very simple. In just a handful of appointments, symptoms can resolve quite significantly.

Dizziness and vertigo are a common complaint and they can be treated successfully by a trained physiotherapist.

Vestibular Physio for Vertigo

Firstly we must rule out any serious medical reason for dizziness. This is very unlikely and rare. Physio’s are very well trained to do this.

After an initial assessment with your physio, we then determine the most likely cause of your dizziness. Once we identify the likely cause, we can commence the correct treatment, so you can start to feel better almost immediately.

Don’t suffer in silence. Our physios can restore your vestibular function with simple treatments, so don’t delay seeking treatment.

FAQ’s about Physio Vertigo Treatment Adelaide


Do I need to see a GP for vertigo?

 In many cases no, you do not need to see your GP for vertigo. The first step is to rule out any serious medical reason for dizziness, which is very unlikely. Physio’s are very well trained to do this.

Physiotherapists trained in treating vertigo are well positioned to assess for the cause of your vertigo symptoms, and provide the treatment you need for full resolution.

What specialist should I see for dizziness?

Physiotherapy treatment for vertigo is effective and simple in many cases. Where Physiotherapy treatment for vertigo is not successful, or if your Physio identifies that Physio treatment is not suitable for your vertigo, you will then be recommended to see a neurologist.

To see a neurologist, you will require a referral from your GP, so where required, we’ll refer you to your GP to obtain this referral.

What is the fastest way to resolve vertigo?

Finding the cause of your vertigo will lead to the fastest way to resolve your vertigo. Read this blog about the types of vertigo, and what treatment may be considered for each cause. Physio for Vertigo

Does shaking your head help vertigo?

No, shaking your head does not tend to help vertigo. For most people with vertigo, shaking your head will likely increase your symptoms and make you feel pretty awful. You can read more about the mechanism causing vertigo here

Where can I get vertigo treatment in Adelaide?

 Vertigo treatment in Adelaide is available at Aspire Physiotherapy. We have several Physiotherapists at our Glenelg clinic trained to treat vertigo symptoms.

How do you reset the crystals in your ear?

Vertigo can often be caused by the crystals in your ear being displaced from their correct location. This results in incorrect information being received by your brain, and a mismatch between the information coming from your eyes and your ears. This tends to lead to vertigo symptoms such as the room spinning, nausea and significant difficulty doing day to day tasks.

‘Resetting’ the crystals in your ear can be done through a series of movements, determined by your Physiotherapist. Your Physio will first assess you, so that the correct movements can be done to resolve symptoms. 

How long does it take for vertigo to go away?

Vertigo can be resolved very quickly once the correct treatment is commenced. Just one treatment with your Physio can resolve symptoms significantly, and if all advice is followed closely, you can expect to be free from symptoms in as little as a few days. If you do not seek treatment, symptoms can continue for months or even years.

We recommend starting treatment as soon as possible to avoid this long term situation!

What happens when vertigo doesn’t go away?

When vertigo doesn’t go away, it can be debilitating, and have a huge impact on the persons life. In many cases of significant vertigo symptoms, the person is unable to drive, work or do simple day to day tasks.

Physio treatment for vertigo is a great starting point for treatment. If you’ve not had full resolution of symptoms through Physiotherapy treatment, you can be referred to a neurologist for further investigations and treatment.

Who can I see for Vestibular Physio in Adelaide?

Our team of Physios in Glenelg can treat vertigo, and we would love to help you feel better today. Check here to see when our next Vestibular Physio Appointment is available. Book Vestibular Physio Treatment in Glenelg

What should I do to prepare for my Vestibular Physio Treatment?

To prepare for your Vestibular Physio Treatment, start paying attention to which movements cause your symptoms. This may be bending down, rolling over in bed, or looking to the side. Pay attention to which direction causes the most vertigo symptoms. This will help us diagnose the problem.

Please organise to have someone drive you to and from your Physio appointment. Sometimes the treatment can leave you feeling tired or a bit nauseous, so it’s best to have someone to make sure you get home safely.




Physio treatment for Vertigo

Physio treatment for vertigo I’m so dizzy my head is spinning… It’s invisible to everyone except for my physio! Dizziness and vertigo are a common complaint and they can be treated successfully by a trained physiotherapist. The first step is to rule out any serious medical reason for dizziness, which is very unlikely. Physio’s are […]

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