Pregnancy and Physiotherapy

Pregnancy brings with it so many changes to your body that will constantly surprise you! Many of these changes may make you feel concerned however the right advice will reassure you that, most of the time, these changes are normal preparation for your body to accommodate your growing baby and to prepare your body for birth.

Physiotherapists are trained to reduce the discomfort of these changes as much as possible, and to guide you and your body through pregnancy.

From early on in pregnancy, you may experience lower back pain, and general muscle aches and pains due to hormonal changes. These hormones are designed to increase the mobility of your joints to allow your body to make room for the little wonder that grows inside you, and to prepare your body for birth.

The weight of the growing baby placing increasing pressure on your pelvic floor, and the effects of hormones, increase the work required by the muscles of your pelvic floor.

Your posture will change as your weight distribution changes and therefore stress may be placed on parts of your body you haven’t experienced before.

Sleeping can be a challenge as you try to accommodate these changes in your body.

Physios are trained to educate you on how your body is changing, to teach you safe exercises to reduce aches and pains, to improve the function of your pelvic floor and prevent further problems after birth, and to help you learn better postures throughout the day and night to maximise your comfort to help you to work with your changing body. We can also advise you on safe levels and types of cardiovascular and strengthening exercises during pregnancy.

Other techniques such as massage and the fitting of compression garments are commonly used by physiotherapists.

The Australian Physiotherapy state that research shows that “pregnant women doing an intensive pelvic floor muscle exercise program were 56% less likely to leak urine during pregnancy and 30% less likely to leak up to 6 months after giving birth”.

Experiencing the journey of pregnancy with confidence in knowing your body and how to manage it will make it a far more rewarding and comfortable.

We look forward to helping you!

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