Recover From pregnancy webinar

Recover From Pregnancy – Physio tips

Once baby has arrived, most new mums have just one medical check up in the weeks after birth, before being given approval to ‘get back to everything’


To help understand the process of recovery after birth, we’ve put together this webinar to help new mums understand what is happening with their body, and how to make the right decisions to take care of themselves to successful recover post-partum.





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We hope this provides useful information to help you feel confident and comfortable in your post-partum body. It truly is incredible!

 We summarise the key areas you need to be aware of during the recovery process

  • How much is too much exercise?
  • Where should I start?
  • When can I run again?
  • Is this NORMAL after giving birth?
  • Abdominal separation – what do I need to know about it?
  • Where can I go for more help?
  • Why is my neck / back / wrist / knee hurting?



 Recover From Pregnancy – Physio Tips



If you’d like some help with your post-partum recovery, we’d love to guide you through our Mums and Bubs Mat Classes, or provide hands on Physiotherapy to ease the aches and pains that can be so common when caring for a newborn


Email us for more information, admin@aspirephysiotherapysa.com.au, or you can book online using our online booking system.