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As a professional rowing coach and national rower, our lead clinical physiotherapist, Alex Daniel, understands the unique demands of the sport. With a strong focus on injury prevention, Alex can help you make the top crew and beat the competition. She can even cover boat set-up tips, provide strength and conditioning programs, and work with your whole squad.

Whatever level you’re competing at, a body and technique analysis assessment will inform about your:



Body strength training

This assessment will provide tailored details to help you understand the body composition required by a rower. It will provide insight into how to improve your rowing stroke. Best undertaken early in the pre-season phase of training, this assessment is a unique way to help maximise performance.

You’ll walk away with a rowing body analysis report. Plus information on the types of exercises and recovery strategies you should be using to help you reach your rowing goals.

Our team welcome individuals who wish to cure a niggling rowing injury or improve their performance. We also welcome whole squads wanting to know more about rower differences. We can show you how to get the best performance out of the entire squad. As athlete’s bodies strengthen and evolve over time, we also recommend that the squad returns after 3 months to adjust training goals and programs.

Rowing Physio Adelaide

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If your squad is within 20km of Adelaide CBD and has more than 3 rowers interested in completing a body analysis assessment, our team can come to you.

Aspire Physio Glenelg also offer 1 hour injury prevention workshops, covering warm up, training and recovery strategies for athletes wishing to balance training loads and avoid injury. 

With unlimited e-mail contact with your personal physiotherapist, a tailored written report and training plan, what do you have to lose?

Get ahead and book a rowing assessment today.

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