Rowing is a sport where each training kilometre counts, but injuries should not be something that is an inevitable feature as you clock these kilometres.


At Aspire Physiotherapy SA, we are passionate about rowing and keeping athletes in the boat. Our NEW rowing services aim to empower you as an athlete with the knowledge to help you to achieve your personal best, minimise injuries and help keep you out on the water.

Our rowing services include:

• Body Analysis & Rowing Assessment

• Injury Prevention Workshops

Who will I see?

Alex has 10 years of rowing experience and understands the unique demands rowing has on athletes. Her personal rowing achievements involve rowing as a school girl as well as at state, national and international levels. Her additional qualifications include:

– Rowing coach qualification

– Strength & Conditioning qualification

What is a Body Analysis & Rowing Assessment and why should I do it?

It is a detailed body analysis specific to a rowing athlete, measuring posture, flexibility, physical capabilities and rowing-specific ability. Specific feedback on rowing technique and boat set-up can also be provided. By completing this assessment, we’re able to prescribe individual training programs and recovery strategies, so you can focus on the most important areas for your own body mechanics. Your training will then be targeted to achieve the best performance your body is capable of.

Can our whole squad be assessed?

Yes. This service is really valuable when applied to a squad, and we’re able to offer group discounts for squads. Assessment of a rowing squad can highlight inter-rower differences, allowing recommendations for conditioning and training programs to get the best performance from the squad. Following an initial assessment, we recommend re-assessment after 3 months, to monitor the outcome of our recommendations, and to adjust training goals as the athletes body continues to strengthen and evolve.

When should I have this assessment done?

Screening is best performed early in the pre-season phase of training but can be performed at any time in the season.

What else can we do to have a really great season?

We also offer 1 hour Injury Prevention Workshops covering warm up, training and recovery strategies for the rowing athlete. These workshops aim to empower athletes with the knowledge of what they can do themselves to prevent injuries from occurring.

The injury patterns in this sport are unique because of the stress applied during the rowing stroke and training loads. A specific recovery routine is an important part of a training program and is something coaches can’t always be there for to facilitate. These workshops are also practical and addresses the current recovery research to aid peak performance.

Does this interest you?

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