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Why do I have foot pain after running?


There can be a wide range of reasons why you get foot pain during or after running.

For this reason, it’s always a good idea to get a proper assessment done by your physio.

One of the most common reasons for foot pain after running is plantar fasciitis.


What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis commonly occur with pain under the heel, and into the arch of your foot.

It can be aggravated by sudden changes in load, such as when you increase your running mileage.If you’re a serious runner, I bet you know someone who has had this!

Plantar fasciitis doesn’t just get runners! We see just as many people in the clinic with plantar fasciitis who don’t run too


This condition is generally from your foot flattening out, or getting irritated as you land on it.

Plantar fasciitis can quickly turn from a slight niggle during running or walking, to being extremely painful all the time!


Can plantar fasciitis get worse with running? 

Yes, plantar fasciitis can be aggravated by running, as your foot absorbs more load with each step. We tend to see plantar fasciitis symptoms when runners are fairly new to running, or when there’s a big increase in the distance you run.

The structures in your feet need time to build resilience to the load of running, and sometimes it’s easy to do a bit too much, a bit too quickly!


So what can I do for plantar fasciitis treatment?

Seeing your physio for an individual assessment is an important step. You will then have a clear idea of what you can work on, to get plantar fasciitis relief, and overcome your plantar fasciitis symptoms.


Plantar Facsiitis treatment  

Here’s some simple exercises to get started that help in many cases:

  • Use a trigger ball or similar and roll under your foot
  • Stretch or foam roll your calves
  • Test your strength – can you do at least 25 single leg calf raises?
  • Check your shoes – are they in good condition?


Things NOT to do:

Ignore it and assume it’ll go away by itself! Generally speaking, the longer you leave it, the longer it takes to get rid of

Purchase ‘instant fix’ insoles online. Whilst innersoles can help plantar fasciitis in some cases, let us point you in the direction of good quality ones! In many cases you can recover from plantar fasciitis without needing orthotics or inner soles



What to do next?


Book an appointment with our team of Physios so you can get on the right path to recovery faster!



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