Is your new year’s resolution to get fit, lose kgs and feel better?

Each year, at the end of January and Early February every Physio comes across the client who started exercising January 1st (or 2nd depending on New Years Eve events), and is now suffering from an injury.

At Aspire we would like to reduce this number and stop you becoming a statistic. Prevention is key. How? You may ask.

1. Address previous injuries

Book in for a physical assessment by one of our Physios. They will assess your strength, flexibility and any biomechanical changes that may be contributing to your injuries, current or previous, will also help to avoid further injury, and also improve your performance.

2. Manage Load

We will inform you how to increase your weekly km’s in a safe manner. We often meet clients who went out too hard too soon.

3. Check running form

Running Assessment

At Aspire Physio our Physios are trained in assessing clients’ running technique, either on a treadmill or outside. Even small alterations to your technique can make a huge difference to performance and avoiding injury. Book in for a Running Assessment here.

So before we see you with an injury, contact us today so we can help avoid any injuries that may stop you from achieving your New Year goals.

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