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Sally Mander


Sally’s vision was to create a welcoming health hub, with an experienced, friendly team to help patients overcome injury and pain.

With a Bachelor of Science from UWA and a Masters of Physiotherapy from Curtin University, Sally has a special interest in helping runners (both performance and recreational) overcome injury. As a mum of three, she enjoys supporting mums with pre- and post-natal care, to keep them fit and healthy throughout pregnancy and beyond. Sally believes in using Pilates-based strengthening principles in rehabilitation with patients, finding it helps to bridge the gap between injury to regaining control, setting up a strong base for future health and fitness.

With extensive sports physiotherapy experience, having supported a premier league hockey club in Perth, Sally is well versed in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries. This is in addition to the wide range of injuries she is presented with at the Aspire clinic every day. Rather than just providing a quick fix to pain or injury, Sally embodies Aspire’s vision to holistically complete the rehabilitation journey and implement preventative measures so the problem stays away for good. Sally implements strength training into all consultations, strongly believing that this component is important for all people, whether the goal is to get ready for the footy season or to maintain mobility within a patient’s own home.

Sally loves staying active with her three young children and lives life by example; living by the beach means lots of long runs and walks keeping her fit, strong and resilient.

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