Sports Physio Glenelg


At Aspire Physiotherapy

Sports Physio Glenelg. We prevent, manage and treat sports injury so you can keep playing.

Sports Physio Glenelg


Are you limited by pain or injury?

Do you want to ensure you’re fighting fit for the entire season without letting your team down by being injured?

Sports Physio Glenelg will guide you through preparation for the season, or your recovery from injury

Our Titled Sports Physio and team work with athletes at all levels – from weekend sports lovers to professional athletes. Running, jumping, stretching, kicking and batting are all high intensity activities which can lead to injury. In other words, you need a great Sports Physio ready to help!

We treat sports injury comprehensively and quickly, so you can return to playing the sport you love. We love to use our well equipped gym and mat Pilates studio at our Glenelg Physio Clinic throughout rehab, and to optimise the return to sport phase.

Commonly we treat the following sport injuries:

  • back pain
  • knee and ankle injuries
  • ACL reconstruction
  • dislocations
  • muscle strains
  • ligament and tendon injury
  • shoulder pain and injury

Where surgery is required, we collaborate with your medical team throughout the process. In addition, we can assist in organising scans as needed, and keep open communication with your surgeon throughout rehabilitation.

This collaborative approach allows a fast, cohesive recovery from sports injury. Our goal is to support you in your return to sport as quickly as possible. Minimising risk of re-injury is a key part of this process. Above all, we monitor your progress by assessing your strength, function, agility, control and movements that are relevant to your sport.


Sports Physio Glenelg


Are you experiencing pain but you don’t know why?

Firstly, our sports physios work with you to assess, diagnose and treat your injury. Then we can develop a plan to get you back in the game, pain free. As you progress through recovery, our rehab plan focusses on increasing your resilience, to reduce re-injury risk further.

Lastly we select a variety of strength and plyometric exercises that are relevant to your sport. We provide as much guidance as possible so you can confidently manage your own recovery between appointments.

We’re endorsed partners of the Netball Knee Program. This preventative strength program is designed to help reduce the number of knee injuries from netball. As a result, we can proactively work with you to practice landing and agility techniques in line with this program.

Stay in the game and seek professional sports physio support.

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