Teen Mat Class Glenelg


At Aspire Physiotherapy

Our Teen Mat Class is designed for your active teen to overcome sports injuries, or neck, back or postural pain.

Teen Mat Class Glenelg

Our Teen Mat Class is a safe, encouraging environment where each teen can thrive. They are instructed by our physiotherapists to support your teen in overcoming that persistent back or neck pain, or help them overcome persistent sports injuries for good.

Teen Mat Class Glenelg

This class is specially designed for our younger clients seeking relief from pain and persistent injury in a safe, supportive environment.

This class is for:

  • Active teens who battle persistent injuries
  • Teens with neck or back pain from study, work or sport
  • Teens wanting to improve posture and resilience for day to day life

The class will be Pilates-based, individualised and progressive, so each person will be challenged at a level to lead to progress week by week

The class will focus on core strength, posture and injury rehabilitation, closely instructed by our Physiotherapists.


Current Teen Mat Class Time

  • Thurs 6pm during school terms
  • Additional times to be added soon


$200 for 10 week block – Health Insurance Rebates may apply

Teen Mat Pilates Class

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