In October we reached out to those of you living with foot pain, to see if we could help you learn how to end your foot pain. The response to this email was unbelievable, with so many of you booking in to find out more that I ran out of appointments to fit you all in!

Foot pain can rule your life, and stop you doing what you love to do. Many people live with it for many months, thinking that this is just ‘the way it is’. Well, it doesn’t HAVE to be that way!

Clearly foot pain is a common problem for a lot of you, so for those that missed out on the Expert Foot Pain session, here’s a quick summary of 3 of my key tips to beating foot pain for good.

1) Shoes


Each style of shoe puts pressure on your feet differently. Variety in your footwear means you don’t put pressure on the same parts of your foot every single day. Your golden rule for shoes: Make sure they feel comfortable!!


We tend to spend money on the things we care about, so if you’re wearing shoes that cost $10, it tells me how much you care about your feet. I don’t mean you have to spend $200 on a pair of shoes, but you really do get what you pay for when it comes to shoes.

None – Go barefoot when you get a chance! Au naturale is good for you, but start slow (small amounts) if you haven’t been barefoot in a long time

2) Stretch & release

Your feet work hard to carry you around all day, so give them some TLC every once in a while.

Stretch your hamstrings, calves and arches of your feet every few days (in the shower is a great opportunity!), and try this amazing exercise (see video below) using a golf ball or one of our amazing trigger balls (available to purchase in the clinic).


3) Smooth and bumpy

Our feet are the ultimate off-road design, to adapt to any surface we stand on. Unfortunately in day to day life, we often go from carpet, to tiles, to concrete, to footpath, to road, to carpet….you get the idea. Every week, make sure you get a mix of smooth and bumpy surfaces under your feet.


– Sand

– Grass

– Hills

– Uneven paths (but please don’t sprain an ankle!)

So there’s my 3 top tips to beating foot pain for good!

If you continue to live with foot pain, and you’re sick of not being able to do what you want, then don’t wait another day. Book in to see me in the clinic, and I’ll teach you why you’re getting foot pain, and what we need to do to get rid of it for good!

You can book online right now by clicking here – Book Online

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See you in the clinic soon!


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