Welcome to the chair workout!

Step 1:

So apparently ‘sitting is the new smoking’ and the research is really starting to agree. Your job requires you to sit for 9 hours a day, but what can you do about it??

Prepare your answer for when people are looking at you funny and asking “what on earth are you doing??”

Suitable responses include:

1) “Flash mob!!” Then carry on like you’ve got 50 people joining you

2) “Tuesdays chest and back

3) “I’m multi-tasking like a boss” and carry on your phone conversation like nothings happened

Step 2:

Press play on your favourite song – if the music is good enough, it doesn’t matter how you move, just MOVE IT!

Step 3:

I like to MOVE IT, MOVE IT!

Here’s some movement suggestions, but it doesn’t really matter what movements you do, as long as you MOVE!!!

2 minutes every 30 minutes to keep the blood flowing

and efficiency cranked to HIGH.


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