With the majority of us having spent more time inside over the last few months we have seen a higher number of painful complaints of combined neck and shoulder pain with or without associated headaches.

You may wonder why putting less workload on your body could result in more pain in the structures around your neck? Keep reading as you’re about to discover some of the leading reasons.

Being sat for long periods puts a lot of pressure on your neck and the muscles surrounding it. The average persons head weighs 4.5 kilograms (10 pounds), but its relative weight can be far greater depending on your posture. Sitting with your head forward of your body and without your arms supported for 6-8 hours during the work day puts lots of stress onto the muscles supporting their weight and can adversely load onto the joints in these regions too. This prolonged pressure on joint surfaces and ‘red-lining’ of a muscles capacity can lead to painful tension and spasm and also create tension type headaches originating from the back of the head. Which if left unchecked can accelerate joint ageing and result in adverse changes in posture.

Our team of physiotherapists can be very useful for identifying the origin of theses issues whilst resolving the painful complaint and reducing the chances it will return. With a combination of manual therapy to stretch and reduce tone in tight areas in addition to strengthening and postural exercises to increase your neck muscles capacity to better manage the challenges associated with prolonged sitting.

Speak to one of our friendly physiotherapists today and you’ll be on your way to a less painful tomorrow.

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